Four Paths to Addressing Dementia in Tribal Communities

Supporting American Indians and Alaska Natives Who Live with Dementia: Policy Tips and Resources for Your Tribal Emergency and Disaster Response

The National Indian Health Board has published a 25-page interactive resource document and 11 x 17 infographic to serve as a quick reference for Tribal leaders and planners to consider how they can best support or accommodate people living with Alzheimer’s Disease or another dementia during an emergency. The aim is to raise awareness of how American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people who live with dementia might experience the world and offers practical strategies to support them. The resource offers policy tips such as considering “CONNECTION,” to people, culture and nature as a functional need during emergencies or disasters to preserve the protective effects of culture and belonging.

Online Module: Brain Health Action Institute

This online module was created from the virtual Brain Health Action Institute for Tribal Nations held September 16-17, 2020. This module is intended for individuals who are already or aspire to be champions of brain health within their communities. This includes, but is not limited to Tribal leaders, health directors, clinicians, Tribal program staff, and motivated community members. This module can be used individually for self-study or as a resource to replicate a Brain Health Action Institute for Tribal Nations (BHAI) in their community.

To accompany the online module, NIHB has developed a print workbook. This workbook is meant to be printed out and worked through while using the online module or may replace the online module. To download and print out the workbook, click here.

Talking Points

These talking points are designed to empower Brain Health Champions in their efforts within their communities. Used in partnership with the Road Map for Indian Country, each set of talking points will guide the champion with tips and key things to know as they engage in conversations for brain health.

Brain Health Learning Community Recordings

Brain Health Learning Community Meeting #1: Educating and Empowering Our Tribal Communities 7/29/21
Brain Health Learning Community Meeting #2: The Stigma of Dementia in Tribal Communities

Road Map for Indian Country

The Road Map for Indian Country is the first-ever public health guide focused on dementia in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. Many AI/AN leaders, experts, and practitioners helped shape the Road Map by providing insights, guidance, and examples from their own work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produced the “Road Map for Indian Country” as part of their Healthy Brain Initiative.

This Road Map is an invaluable resource for brain health champions! It contains helpful information for anyone interested in creating change in their community. The Road Map includes resources for starting a conversation about how Alzheimer’s and other dementias affects all generations and key background information about dementia.

Learning how to use the Road Map and other tools for brain health is the core focus of our Brain Health Action Institute for Tribal Nations.

The National Council of Urban Indiah Health (NCUIH) created a “Planning Guide for the Healthy Brain Initiative’s Road Map to Indian Country” to help public health professionals prioritize strategies and begin implementation. To download the guide, visit NCUIH’s website here. You can learn more about the Road Map and the CDC’s Healthy Brain Initiative here.

Organizations Supporting Indigenous Brain Health

Success Stories and Tools

The Wyoming Center on Aging has developed a poster and booklet on the “10 Early Signs of Abnormal Memory Changes” in collaboration with Tribal partners. Learn more here.

To request copies, contact the Wyoming Center on Aging via email [email protected] or phone 307-766-2829.

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