COVID-19 Testing in K-12: A “How To”

February 4, 2022
01:30PM - 02:30PM

All Times Eastern

Date: Friday, February 4, 2022

Time: 1:30 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time

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The U.S. Department of Education, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the Rockefeller Foundation, and others will host a free webinar on February 4, 2022, which was also offered on January 21 and 28. The webinar will aid Tribal schools and districts to begin or improve their school-based COVID-19 testing programs. It will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and hear directly from technical experts and school and district leaders around school COVID-19 testing. There is an optional Q&A session for 20 minutes afterward for attendees with additional questions.

If you require reasonable accommodations please email [email protected].