IHS Covid-19 Response Webinar Series: Social Determinants of Health and COVID-19

July 9, 2020
12:00PM - 01:00PM

All Times Eastern

Date: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Eastern Time

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As part of their COVID-19 Response Webinar series, the Indian Health Service (IHS) is hosting a webinar on social determinants of health (SDOH) and COVID-19. According to Healthy People 2020, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) refer to “the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect health risks and outcomes.” The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for many relating to housing, food, employment, etc. This presentation will discuss the importance of assessing for SDOH, keeping an up-to-date list of available local referral resources to help address SDOH, and the importance of community resources for high-risk vulnerable populations (Elders, Individuals experiencing Homelessness, and Individuals with Serious Mental Illness).