ICYMI: Do Your Research: Empowering Native Youth to Get Vaccinated

On September 15, 2021, the National Indian Health Board (NIHB), in partnership with the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) hosted the second webinar in the #ACTOFLOVE COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series. The webinar focused on knowledge sharing and helping Tribal communities vaccinate AI/AN youth as well as helping parents/caregivers discuss the COVID-19 vaccines. Native youth across the country are getting their COVID-19 vaccine for many reasons – going back to school, playing sports, and protecting their families and communities.


Panelist Asa Worthington, 17, Kiowa/Mississippi Choctaw stated: “I was always taught by my grandparents and the people that have helped me growing up in my life that are gone now, some due to COVID, is to protect our culture, do what was right for our people make the best decision, you know. And I learned a lot through all of that stuff, knowing that it’s more than just a vaccine, it’s more than just a shot in the arm. It’s more than just medicine you know it’s protection. It’s protecting our culture and it’s, it’s most importantly me doing my part.”


Remember getting vaccinated is an Act of Love.  Click here to watch the recording!